3 Steps To Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Protected

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Having a high-quality outdoor furniture set can be an excellent way of making the outdoors more comfortable for you and your family. However, homeowners are often poorly prepared to care for these pieces of furniture in an effective manner. This can lead to oversights and errors that could prove devastating to the outdoor furniture.

1. Regularly Sanitize The Furniture

One of the more common tasks that you should do for outdoor furniture is to thoroughly clean and sanitize it. Over time, these pieces of furniture can start to develop mold, algae, moss, and other organic materials that could prove to be damaging to the furniture. By sanitizing these pieces of furniture, you will neutralize these substances before they can become well-established on the furniture. For the best results, it can be wise to sanitize these pieces of furniture every few months.

2. Secure The Furniture To The Ground

Strong storms and high winds can be among the more common sources of severe damage to outdoor furniture. Sadly, high winds can send these pieces of furniture flying through the air, which can damage them and any nearby items or people. Avoiding these hazards will require these pieces of furniture to be securely anchored to the ground.

To this end, there are special spikes you can install that will reach deep into the ground so that these pieces of furniture will be much more difficult for wind to move. Many homeowners may not secure their furniture as a result of concerns about these security measures being extremely noticeable and unsightly. Yet, the spikes that will be used to anchor this furniture are extremely subtle, which can help to prevent others from noticing.

3. Protect The Furniture Against Solar Damage

Exposure to the sun's intense energy can be highly damaging to outdoor furniture. Over the years of this exposure, the furniture will likely start to fade or otherwise become discolored. Once these issues start to develop, there may not be a simple solution for restoring the appearance of the outdoor furniture.

Rather, you will find that preventing this type of damage from occurring in the first place will be the superior option. Making an effort to store these pieces of furniture in shaded areas can greatly reduce the amount of the sun's intense solar radiation that the furniture absorbs. If you lack a shaded area to keep the furniture, you will want to apply an ultraviolet block sealant to the furniture as this will help to protect the color from degrading.

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