3 Key Places To Keep Fire Extinguishers At Home & Why

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In 2017, there were at least 1,319,500 fires in the United States that resulted in 3,400 deaths. In a lot of cases, household fires that start at home could be quickly contained if the inhabitants had a fire extinguisher accessible at the time the fire started. In fact, one of the easiest things you can do is keep fire extinguishers handy around the house, but most people do not really know the proper places they should be kept. Take a look at some of the key places you should keep at least a small fire extinguisher at home and why you should do so. 

The Kitchen

Many household fires start in the kitchen, and it is obvious to see why. When you are using hot surfaces and sometimes open flame to cook, it is easy to have an accident that causes a blaze to flare up. Some of the reasons fires start in the kitchen include:

  • Overflowing pans of grease or oil on the stove 
  • Forgotten foods in the oven or items in the oven that shouldn't be there 
  • Potholders or towels left on hot burners 
  • Stove burners left on and overheating the surfaces above the stove

Keep a small fire extinguisher either under your kitchen sink or in another area where it would be easy to grab if one of these situations came up. 

The Garage 

The garage is the landing place for a lot of things, and  it is often a housing ground for flammable chemicals. Additionally, fires can happen in a garage because it is where the car is parked, and it is possible for an engine to ignite under certain circumstances. If you do not yet have a fire extinguisher in the garage, it is always a good idea to put one in this space. 

The Basement

The basement is often dismissed as a useless part of the house, especially if the space is unfinished. However, if your home does have a basement, it likely houses a lot of fixtures and appliances that could catch on fire and cause a lot of damage. For example, some people have a clothes dryer, water heater, or electrical panel in the basement. All of these fixtures could catch on fire if there are issues, and having a fire extinguisher nearby would definitely help protect the rest of your home from sustaining damage. 

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