Don't Forget To Put Blinds Over A Window In Your Door

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When you're thinking about adding window treatments in several areas of your home, you might begin to compile a list of your windows and make some measurements. While you can find blinds that will add function and style to each of these windows, there may be one or more areas that are initially easy to overlook. If your home has an exterior door that has a window in it — something that is common in both front doors and back doors — you might want to buy blinds for this small window. Here are some things to think about.


There are several benefits to equipping the window in your door with a set of blinds. If you're dealing with your front door, you may find that having blinds over the window gives your family a sense of privacy. While you could shut the blinds on any windows in the front of your home, the residence's exterior would still be visible from the outside if you don't deal with the window in the door. Additionally, using blinds on this window can help to block the sun when it's shining on the front of the home. This can help to keep the interior of your home cool.


Several different blind types can suit the window in your door, but you may find that horizontal blinds offer the style you want. You can buy horizontal blinds in several sizes; choosing thin blinds will work well in this area because thick blinds could visually overwhelm the small window. Thin horizontal blinds are available in several materials. Try to choose something that suits the overall look around the door. For example, if you have hardwood flooring, a wooden set of blinds in a similar finish can work well.


There are lots of different mounting brackets that you can use to install a set of blinds, including a small set of blinds that you want over the window in a door. When you visit a window coverings store, talk to a salesperson about the different mounting options. You'll generally want a setup that keeps the blinds as close to the window as possible. This will prevent them from swaying excessively and making a noise each time you open or close the door. It will also reduce bulk in the area, which is ideal if the space around the door is fairly tight. Speak to a contractor to learn more about window treatments.