4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Sprinkler System

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Sprinkler systems are an integral part of your yard and garden, and they provide a constant flow of water to allow plants to grow. An improperly functioning sprinkler system can cause a great deal of damage to your yard, either by providing too much or not enough water. Thankfully, there are a couple of signs that you can keep an eye out for to help determine when it's time to take a look at replacing your sprinkler system.


Over time, small leaks in your sprinkler system are to be expected. However, most small leaks will be fairly sporadic and can be easily fixed by a contractor. However, if you notice that there are leaks appearing fairly frequently, that's a clear indication that your sprinkler system will need to be replaced. Simply repairing a leaking system in perpetuity will only make the leaks occur more frequently and with greater severity.

Water Pressure

If your sprinkler system seems to suffer from low water pressure, while the rest of your home seems to be just fine (especially if the water pressure of your sprinkler system has decreased noticeably from when it was first installed), your sprinklers are probably near the end of their lifespan. Low water pressure is caused by a damaged sprinkler head, which allows water to flow too quickly out of the system, resulting in poor water pressure.

Increased Water Bills

If you notice that your water bills are growing without a change in the amount of water that you're using in your home, your sprinkler system may be damaged. Increased water bills are probably due to small leaks throughout the system, or damage to the sprinkler heads that results in the use of extra water. This is probably the most important problem to fix as soon as you notice it: if you don't, you could end up spending the cost of a replacement sprinkler system just on your water bills.

Lack of Balance

If your yard isn't balanced in the amount of water that it's receiving (e.g., there are dry patches and swamps developing after your sprinkler system kicks in), it's time to replace the system. A lack of balance in water coverage throughout your yard can be attributed either to a poorly installed system that doesn't adequately cover your yard, or by a system that no longer operates as it was designed to do. No matter the reason, you should contact a contractor at a company like Krupske Sprinkler Systems immediately to have the system replaced.