A Yard Your Neighbors Will Envy: Proper Care Of Your Lawn With Fertilizer And Weed Control

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When you love to have a great yard, you have to develop a plan. A beautiful, lush green lawn doesn't happen overnight. You will need to fertilize your lawn throughout the growing season, prepare your lawn for winter, and get rid of pests and weeds when the problems come up. You must also make sure that your lawn gets enough water every day and that you use the right seed for the type of lawn that you have. Proper cutting will also help your lawn grow strong and avoid getting burnt in the hot summer sun.

Following a Fertilization Step Program

Your yard should be fertilized in steps. A number companies that make lawn fertilizer have a series of products for you to use in a set order. Once you find a product that you love, it's important to fertilize your lawn on a schedule. In general, you will need to apply a fertilizer in the spring, two times in the summer a few weeks apart, and once in the fall. Each will offer your lawn the right nutrients for the time of year when you apply it. 

Ensuring Your Lawn Is Weed and Pest Free

If you begin to see bald patches in your lawn, it's time to have your lawn assessed for damage from weeds or pests. Grubs can cause your lawn to die in patches, and you may notice that there are areas of your lawn that are dug up by small animals trying to get to the grubs for food. A grub control product can kill the grubs that are eating at the roots of your grass, causing it to die. If you see areas of weed growth, you will need to apply weed control products to get rid of the unwanted growth.

Giving Your Lawn Enough Water

The best time to water your lawn is before the sun is streaming down on your lawn. If water is on your lawn and the sun is hot, this can cause your lawn to burn. Your lawn should be watered once a day, and a sprinkler system is your best option. If you can't afford to install sprinklers, you will need to use a movable sprinkler system and make sure that every area of the lawn gets water once a day.

When you want the perfect lawn, you will need to develop a plan and stick to it. With solid care, you lawn will look great soon.