How To Clean Your Kitchen's Wooden Blinds And Make Them Look New Again

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If your kitchen windows have wooden blinds that have become soiled and dingy looking, then you need to use a special procedure to get them clean and looking great again. While you can take plastic blinds outside and hose them off to clean them, this is not advisable for wood blinds because it will seriously damage the wood and cause warping.

Follow this procedure to safely clean and rejuvenate your kitchen's wooden blinds:

Step 1: Purchase a Bottle of Wood-Safe Degreaser and a Bottle of Orange Oil

Before you can start cleaning your blinds, you first need to go to your local hardware store or home improvement center and purchase a bottle of degreaser that is safe for use on wooden surfaces. In addition, you need to buy a bottle of orange oil. You will find both the orange oil and degreaser in the aisle with the household cleaning solutions. 

Step 2: Vacuum the Blinds to Remove Any Loose Dust

Before you use the degreaser on your kitchen's blinds, first, vacuum them with your vacuum cleaner's hose. This step will help to keep your cleaning rag from getting too muddy too quickly.

Step 3: Apply the Wood-Safe Degreaser to the Blinds

Since your kitchen's blinds likely have grease and oils from cooking on them, you need to use a degreaser to remove it. Take a clean cotton rag or old cotton sock and soak it with the degreaser. Wrap the soaked rag or sock around your fingers and wipe down each slat of the blinds. Work from the top downward since dust and dirt will likely fall to the slats below as you clean.

Step 4: Wipe the Blinds Down with a Damp Cloth

To remove any residue from the degreaser and any dirt that remains on the blinds, wipe down each slat with a damp cloth or another old sock. As you wipe each slat, take a moment to wipe the strings as well to remove any dirt from them.

Step 5: Rejuvenate the Wooden Blinds with Natural Orange Oil

Finally, to make your blinds shine again like they are brand new and to moisturize the wood to keep it healthy, you should apply a thin layer of natural orange oil to each slat. Once again, working with a clean cloth or sock, put a dab of orange oil on it and wipe it on each slat. Work the oil into the wood and rub the cloth back and forth to polish them.