The Many Uses Of Natural Stone In Your Residential Garden

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To create a distinctive and unusual garden around your home, use natural stone. Natural stone includes granite, limestone, slate, marble, quartz, and other quarried stone. Landscape designers and building contractors can obtain natural stone boulders and other stone shapes that you need for your residential yard. Here are some ideas that you can use when designing and creating a unique garden around your home: 

Natural Stone Garden Benches

You can create natural stone garden benches with large boulder slabs that have been cut and flattened on top for seating. You can raise these boulder slabs on smaller upright boulders that have also been flattened on top and connected to the larger slabs with steel rods. The vertical sides of these garden benches look good when left with their natural shapes and textures. 

Natural Stone Waterfall

A waterfall can be created with natural stones on the side of your residential swimming pool to recirculate the water and keep it clean. A garden waterfall creates soothing sounds as it splashes and this helps to disguise noise from nearby traffic and neighbors. Another advantage of having a garden waterfall is that it will attract birds and other wildlife to your residential yard. 

Natural Stone Retaining Wall

A retaining wall in a garden or landscape looks good when it is built of natural stones. These stones can be stacked on top of each other to divide different areas of your garden or give stability to an uneven slope. You can also use natural stone retaining walls to create terraced garden beds for flowers, plants, vegetables, fruits, and small trees. These garden terraces can be plumbed with sprinklers to water your garden beds automatically or manually.

Natural Stone Birdbath

 A large stone boulder can be hollowed out to create a birdbath for attracting birds and small animals to your yard. The exterior shape of the stone boulder can be left with its natural crags, crevasses, and rough surface. The top of the birdbath can be cut into a flat surface and polished. You can then place smaller boulders inside of this birdbath to create perches where small birds can land and splash in the water. A fountain can be installed on the side of the birdbath to circulate the water and a hole can be drilled in the bottom to drain into your residential waste water system. 

Natural Stone Steps

Stone slabs can be cut from natural boulders to create a walkway through your garden in a sloping yard. These stone slabs can be smooth on the top for easy walking and rough on the bottom to grip the soil where they are placed. Smaller boulders can frame this walkway on both sides to define the path. You can also install outdoor lights on the side of your steps for safe walking at night. 

You can create a unique residential garden with natural stone creations. Natural stone blends well with any kind of residential architecture and landscaping. Ask your landscape designer or building contractor to help you design and install natural stone features for your home and garden.