How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets That Will Not Cost You a Fortune

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If you want to update the look of your house, then consider remodeling one of the most used homes in your residence, the kitchen. If a cabinet overhaul is on your list of remodeling tasks, then you should do everything you can to pick the right cabinets for the space. Keep reading to learn about some tips that can help you save some cash on this expensive update. 

Go With the Stock Cabinets

There are three different types of kitchen cabinets that you can invest in. These include stock, custom, and semi-custom. If you want to save some money, then opt for the stock cabinets. It can cost between $500 and $1,200 per linear foot of cabinet to have custom varieties created and installed. Semi-custom cabinets are a bit less than this. However, stock cabinets are a fraction of the cost of custom and semi-custom cabinets. Some of the stock cabinets may even be as low as $70 per linear foot.

If you are not sold on the look of standard or stock cabinets, then there are a few simple things you can do to make the cabinetry look custom. Adding different hardware is an easy way to make them look more custom to your kitchen space. Also, you can paint the cabinets, especially if they are made from wood. Think about using gel or mud paint to give the cabinets a distinctive look. Use the paint with a textured roller or apply with a cotton cloth to achieve the most unique style.

Opt for Frameless Cabinets

When choosing your cabinets, you will have the option of picking either frameless or framed varieties. If you want to save money, then opt for frameless cabinets. Framed cabinets are constructed with a box type of cabinet with a built-in rigid frame. The frame or box is the base for the cabinet and then doors are drawers are added to the box face. These framed boxes require the installation of rigid rails and stiles. This means that more materials are used in the construction process and this the cabinets are more expensive. 

Frameless cabinets are not built from a solid box. There is no face frame to the cabinets, and the result is more open and accessible look. Door can be added to these types of cabinets in a way that they can be closed off, but there is a wire an accessible space when the door is opened. The frameless cabinets are often referred to as European cabinets, so consider them if you want to save money and also want a more contemporary or European feel to your kitchen. 

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