Why Home Exterior Lighting Is a Necessity

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Many homeowners neglect their home's exterior lighting. They do not think it is necessary beyond the porch lights. However, home exterior lighting is much more of a necessity than these homeowners know. Here are some valid reasons why.

Exterior Lighting Deters Burglars and Intruders

It is a brazen burglar or insistent intruder that will try to enter a home or garage with exterior lights blazing. When a home and garage have several outdoor lights on, they reveal all too well someone sneaking around a property. The lights give homeowners and neighbors ample time to spot the intruder or burglar and call the police. Ergo, the exterior lighting on your home is necessary for personal safety and security.

Exterior Lighting Prevents You from Stepping in Something Unpleasant

If you have a dog (or neighbors have dogs), then you know exactly what it means to accidentally step in something unpleasant. Even if no doggy doo-doo is in your yard, there are other unpleasant things to step in, such as squishy, slippery mud and large puddles of standing water. If you do not have exterior lighting, you are bound to step in one of these or something else every time you go outside in the dark to get something from your car or check on animals in the yard.

Exterior Lighting Guides Fluffy Home

Lost dogs will find their way home by their noses. Lost cats, on the other hand, rely on lighting and memory. If your kitty stepped out for a night on the town and has not come back, it is good to have exterior lighting so Fluffy can find his/her way back home. Contrary to popular belief, cats can see very well in low light, but they cannot see any better in solid darkness than humans can. Leave the outdoor lights on for your kitty, and maybe leave a window, pet door or back door open for kitty to come in.

An Extra Word on Motion Sensor Lights

If you do not want the blaze of constant outdoor lights, you can install motion sensor lights. These lights are easily activated by the slightest motion. Even hares and wild rabbits can set them off if they get close enough to the house or garage. They are the perfect solution for anyone that does not want constant outdoor lighting but needs it for all of the above reasons. There are some other outdoor lighting options available.