Create A Bird Sanctuary In Your Garden With Birdhouses

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If you are an amateur bird watcher, or just enjoy the cheerful atmosphere that birds create, you may be wishing to attract more birds to your own garden by creating a bird sanctuary. First, observe your local birds to find the most prevalent species in your area. Research what these birds prefer to eat and how they like to build nests. Next, build the ideal wild bird environment to encourage those birds to come into your yard and take up residence! Here are some things to consider when you build a wild bird sanctuary in your residential garden: 

Create A Bird Community

Buy several birdhouses and hang them in different sections of your garden. You can hang them from tree limbs or use free-standing wrought iron poles that are bent at the top to hold one or two birdhouses.

The placement of your birdhouses will dictate the community that the birds will create. Some will gravitate towards quiet and isolation while others will want to stay close to other birds and communicate together. Build both of these areas in your back yard to accommodate your local birds. Buy or build birdhouses that can be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the season so that you can encourage more birds to come to your birdhouses next season. You can even find garden decor birdhouses for sale to complement the aesthetic of your yard. 

Feed Your Local Birds

Put out food stations in your garden and watch what seeds and berries your local birds prefer.  Hang bird feeders around your garden with different seeds in each. You might also wish to hang birdseed balls and sprigs of millet around your garden. These seeds will fall on your yard as they are picked through and eaten by local birds and will grow into grassy areas under your feeders.

Don't forget to provide fresh water for your local birds with a fountain and/or birdbath. Keep these watering areas clean and free of any mold or mildew.

Provide Nest Materials:

Put out nest materials for your birds such as shredded cotton balls and pieces of natural fabric. Use pure cotton fabric without dyes or the addition of acrylic. You can locate these nest materials in the trees in your yard where two or three branches come together. Make sure these nest materials are fluffy and easy to pick apart for the birds. 

Watch and Photograph Your Local Birds

Watch how your local birds use the birdhouses, seeds, and water that you provide so that you can see what supplies they prefer. If possible, take photographs in case you wish to identify any of the birds that visit your yard or want to show them to neighbors or your local pet supply store. This will help you to customize your yard to encourage wild birds next season. 

When the birds that have taken up residence in your yard, you will see a proliferation of new plants and grasses that will grow in your garden from the foraging that the wild birds will do around your neighborhood. This will turn your garden into a natural environment. With a bit of research and well-placed birdhouses and bird supplies, you will turn your garden and yard into a true wild bird habitat in your area.