Ready To Change Your Living Room's Interior For Fall? Change Draperies And Paint The Room

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Now that fall is almost here, you may be wanting to make some changes inside your home. This is a great time to do it, as everything is also changing outside with the fall colors. If you are planning to start with your living room's interior, there are many changes you can make, such as purchasing new draperies and painting the room. Below is some information about this to help you get started with your remodel.

New Draperies

You should start out with your windows by purchasing new draperies. You will find a variety of draperies when you start shopping for them. First, consider the fullness that you want. In most cases, you will hear this referred to as double to triple the width of the drapes. A triple-width will give you a very full curtain that will fall well due to the heaviness. 

Unless you want to the curtains to hang across the window, you will need to purchase some tie-backs. This will hold your draperies in place. You can control how much window you want exposed. For example, putting the tie-backs high up on the draperies will reveal more of the window.

Decide if you want the curtains to be floor length or shorter. You can also layer curtains, if you prefer to give a nice look.

For fall, choose colors like tans, browns, oranges, etc. If you want to match up your curtains exactly with the room's interior, you can have them custom made. Custom draperies are beneficial because you can choose the length, width, fabric, color, and pattern. Custom made especially works well if you have odd-shaped windows where it would be difficult for you to find curtains in a store.


If you have not painted the room in some time, giving it a new paint job can make a huge difference in the way it looks. It will also help your new curtains stand out even more. When choosing the color of paint that you would like, choose tans or browns. You could also go with a dark red or yellow. Consider the type of curtains you chose, the carpeting, and your furniture when choosing the color of paint.

When purchasing paint, make sure it is for interior use. You may have to put on more than one coat. Purchase a paint pan, hand paint brush for small areas and corners, and a paint brush that has an extendable handle. If you have never painted a room before, you should consider hiring someone to do this for you.

Once you get your new curtains and new paint job, you can start decorating your home for fall. This may include pumpkins, burlap, fall flowers, and much more.