Places To Install Awnings When You Operate A Youth Baseball Facility

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Awnings aren't just for mounting to your house and hanging over outdoor patios at neighborhood restaurants. There are a number of other ways that organizations can incorporate awnings to provide shade and even serve other purposes. If you're in charge of maintaining a youth baseball facility, you're likely open to any changes that can improve the facility for players, fans, and volunteers — and awnings can definitely deliver. Here are three places around the youth baseball facility that awnings can be suitable to install.

Over The Dugouts

The dugouts at youth baseball facilities aren't always dug into the ground. In many cases, this area simply consists of a bench that is surrounded on two or three sides with chain-link fence. It can be a good plan to have a heavy awning installed over each of the dugouts on each of the baseball fields for a number of reasons. During a hot day, the players will be able to seek reprieve from the sun by sitting in their dugout and sipping some cool water. Additionally, given that players in the dugout may not always have their eyes on the game at the younger levels of the sport, a sturdy awning overhead can provide protection from pop-up fly balls.

Over Select Seating Sections

It might not be practical or even necessary to put awnings over each of the grandstands that surround the baseball fields. However, you may wish to pursue awnings over select seating areas. This overhead cover can be valuable for creating a shady area for people who don't do well with the sun but still want to watch the baseball game — this could include the grandparents of players and family members who have small children with them. You can then get signage made to indicate that these covered seating sections should be reserved for such people.

Over The Canteen Window

Many youth baseball facilities have a canteen/snack bar building that is in the center of the facility. This spot is popular during tournaments, as players and their families line up for refreshments. An awning over the window is ideal for multiple reasons. It can protect people who are lined up and not paying attention from foul balls that could cause them harm. Additionally, it will help to keep food set out on the counter in the shade, which can be more appealing to customers, as most people won't want their ice cream or other cool treat sitting in the sun while they pay for it.

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