Five Cool Furniture Trends To Consider For Your Living Room

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If the time has come to redecorate your living room, one of the biggest challenges you might be facing is buying new furniture. Furniture designs have likely changed a lot since the last time you re-furnished a living room. Here's a look at five cool, contemporary trends you may want to incorporate into the space.

Bright Florals

For many years, small and intricate patterns were the only ones you saw on furniture. But lately, more designers have been incorporating big, loud floral prints into items like sofas and recliners. A whole living room furnished in floral furniture might be a bit overwhelming, but consider using one flowered sofa as an accent piece and choosing other furniture in solid colors seen in the flower pattern.

Straight Lines

Gone are the days of over-stuffed couches and huge, padded recliners. These days, furniture has become a bit more minimalist as designers have found ways to design for comfort without all of that extra fluff. Look for sofas and chairs with straight lines and geometric shapes. Pair such a sofa with a square or rectangular table, rather than a round one, for a unified look.

Small Accents

Since the main furniture pieces have become smaller, there is more room left in the living room for little accent pieces. Poufs, especially, have become common. These are like tiny ottomans, often featuring a curved top and soft material. You'll also see a lot of floor lamps and little end tables, which can be used to accentuate your space once the main elements are in place.

Area Rugs

Carpet is becoming less and less common as more homeowners value the cleanliness hard flooring offers. But if you have a hard floor in your living room, an area rug is an essential furnishing. Look for ones in geometric patterns, such as stripes and squares. You can also find solid-colored rugs, which might be the best choice of you opt for a floral sofa.


Wood has always been popular in living rooms, but now it is being used in new ways. Live-edge wooden tables are exceedingly common, thanks to the natural look they offer. If you choose any furniture made from wood, the most contemporary look is to leave it natural rather than painting or staining it.

With the ideas above, you should have no trouble designing a living room with contemporary furniture that looks and feels modern and inviting.