4 Tips for Keeping Your Blinds Safe with Small Children in Your Home

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If you have blinds in your home as well as small children, you need to take steps to make sure that your blinds are safe. The cords around your blinds can be dangerous for small children, so you need to make sure that you secure them. There are numerous options for securing the cords on your blinds to keep your child safe.

Install Cleats

One way to keep the cords on your blinds away from your child is by installing cleats. Cleats are very small fixtures that you hammer into your wall. They kind of look like a button.

Cleats are kind of like pull-backs for curtains; they allow you to wrap the blind cord around the cleat. This keeps the blind cord from dangling dangerously and will also keep your blinds secure at the same height.

Blind Cord Wind-Ups

Another way to secure the cords on your blinds are with blind cord wind-ups. A wind up allows you to literally wind your cord inside of a little circular container. This allows you to keep the cord together. This makes your cords a little less dangerous and ensure that the long blind cord is not dangling dangerously.

Cut the Blind Cord Loop

Some blinds have a loop on the cord. Essentially, two cords are hanging down together and are looped together. A looped cord can be more dangerous for your child than two simple single cords. Your child could more easily get caught up in a looped blind cord. Check and see if your blinds will work if the looped cord is cut.

To cut your blind cords, cut the cord right above the tassel. If there is a small plastic equalizer in place, slide it off the cords, and then add your own tassel to the bottom of each cord.

Keep Furniture Away

Finally, make sure that you don't have furniture right next to your blinds that your child could climb up on and end up getting stuck in your blind cords. Pull back couches and other furniture so they don't allow your child direct access to your blinds.

Finally, when you can afford to, consider upgrading to cordless blinds so you eliminate the risk of blind cords to your young children altogether. Cordless blinds still allow you to operate and fix the shades on the blinds without the risk of having cords dangling. Cordless blinds are an affordable way to upgrade your window treatments and keep your children safe at the same time.

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