4 Ways To Clean Your Baseboards

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Your baseboards are probably the most forgotten area of your home to clean. You sweep, mop and vacuum your floors, but what about that trim piece that surrounds every room in your home? It may look clean from a distance, but kneel down and take a closer look at it - what you'll see is a handful of years worth of dust, dirt, and grime. Cleaning baseboards will take you some time, especially if you have a larger home, so to help make it a bit easier on you and your back, read on for a few different ways to get them clean.

1. Broom/Cloth

Take a broom and a clean, soft rag. Place the rag over the bristles on the broom and hold it in place using a rubber band. Next, dip it into a cleaning solution such as wood soap or a gentle dish soap and water mixture. You want it to be wet, but not soaked. Begin to sweep the broom along your baseboards to both remove the dust and dirt, but also the built up grime. Continue to do this along all of your baseboards in every room of your home. You may need to change the soapy water or even the rag if your baseboards are really filthy.

2. Magic Eraser Sponge

Use a magic eraser sponge and get it slightly wet. Rub the magic eraser on your baseboards. Don't rub too hard or you could end up marring your paint job on your baseboards. When finished, use a dry cloth to wipe the baseboards dry. This will help remove stuck on filth such as from dog slobber. 

3. Soft-Bristle Scrub Brush

Take a soft-bristle scrub brush to clean your baseboards. Use a cleaning solution and spray your baseboards, then use the scrub brush to gently remove built up dirt. Wipe the baseboards so they are dry. Repeat for all of your baseboards.

4. Dryer Sheet

Take a dryer sheet and spray it so it's damp with water. Wring out the water so it's not dripping everywhere. Then take the dryer sheet and rub it along your baseboards. Dry the baseboards when finished. You can also use a dryer sheet to keep dirt and debris off of your baseboards for longer. Wipe a dry dryer sheet on your baseboards after cleaning them. The dyer sheet will work as a protectant and help to keep dust and pet hair from building up.

The baseboards in your home may appear clean from a distance, but upon closer inspection, your baseboards are probably filthy. Keep these areas clean by using the tips above, or you can hire a cleaning service to do this hard work for you.