Effects That Mold Has On Your Home

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Mold can be very bad for the health of your home. If you don't get the mold problem under control, you may have to spend more money restoring your home to what it was before the mold infestation got out of control. 

Mold Entryways

Mold enters your home through windows, doors, vents, and your HVAC system. However, the mold can lie dormant until the conditions are suitable for mold to grow. Mold will start growing when there is enough humidity. It can grow in various parts of your home, including your carpet, drywall, ceiling tiles, cardboard, wood products, carpet, fabric, upholstery, and even your paint and wallpaper. 

Visible Mold

Slimy and black spots can start to form on your curtains. You may notice orange or yellow growth on your ceiling. An orange film can develop under your kitchen sink. You might also see white patches on your basement floor. Wiping all of this up will simply cause the mold to regrow. Even though you're removing the visible mold, you cannot see most of the mold that is growing. If you apply bleach, you may kill the mold. However, the mold will continue to grow when your home has moisture problems. For that reason, not only must the mold problem be solved, but also the moisture. 

Destruction Caused by Mold

In addition to being unsightly, mold is damaging to any surface that it grows on. The mold may not only force you to get rid of some of your belongings, but mold growth in your home can damage the structural integrity of a building. 

Mold Odors

Mold makes a home unpleasant to live in. The mold can create an unpleasant smell that you may become accustomed to when you're in the building. But when you leave and return later, the mold can have an overpowering odor. The smell can seep into your clothes and make them smell as well when you're outside.

Correcting the Mold Problem

Oftentimes, there are problems that can be corrected, such as a leaky faucet. However, a lot of mold grows with the help of moisture that comes from everyday living. For that reason, it can be difficult to fully eliminate a mold problem without the help of a mold removal service. Not only must the mold be removed, but other changes must be made to your home so that the mold doesn't come back.

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