Prevent Mice Problems This Springs

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As spring approaches, mice become more active. The last thing you want is for them to find their way into your house as they emerge from winter nests to seek out food. The following are a few strategies that you can implement to help keep your home free of mice.

Keep Your Garden Clean

Your landscaping could actually lead to mice issues in the home. Garden seed left out after planting, over-ripened vegetables in the garden, and plant debris raked up against the side of the house can all attract mice. Once they are established in your yard, then the likelihood of the rodents finding their way into your house increases. Keep garden seed and unplanted flower bulbs stored in containers with lids so mice can't access them. Birdseed and outdoor pet food should also be secured. Maintain a clean garden and dispose of yard debris to cut down on food and nesting sites.

Manage Entry Points

Spring is the time of open windows and running in and out of the house. Make sure you aren't making entries for mice. Replace or patch damaged screens. Further, make sure the screens fit well with no gaps that a mouse can squeeze through. Verify that weatherstripping around doors is in good repair with no gaps. A mouse can fit through any space that their head can fit through. It's also a good idea to walk around the house and patch any openings around pipes or other attachments on the homes. 

Avoid Food Sources Inside the Home

It's also a good idea to make sure there are no food sources for the mice inside your house. Keep floors swept and counters clean. Pantry items should be stored in tightly-sealed containers that a mouse can't chew through. Mice tend to be most active at night, so you may want to put away any pet food and sweep the floors before turning in each evening.

Take Out the Garbage

Garbage is like a smorgasbord for a mouse. Trash cans with tight-fitting lids can help keep the pests away. Don't put out open cans or bags that aren't in a can. Your indoor garbage can should also have a lid; otherwise, it could tempt rodents to invade your home for the easy food source. 

If you suspect a mice issue in your home or on your property, then contact a pest control service in your area.