Things To Get At The Hardware Store For Your Yard Care

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If you want to complete a few projects in your yard, or just stay on top of things, you can find your hardware store will play an important part in this. You can get a better idea of some of the things you can get at the hardware store and how those things will help you with your projects.

Digging tools that you'll likely want to have on hand

When thinking of digging in the yard, a shovel is the obvious tool that may come to mind. However, there are many other tools to help you dig in your yard. Here are a few other digging tools you may want to add to your landscape arsenal:

A hand trowel – You won't always be digging big holes in your yard and for those smaller holes, a hand trowel will work. It is a small hand-held shovel you can use to create small holes. Hand trowels are also used for planting flowers and vegetables, and other small potted plants. Trowels are very inexpensive, but by opting for one that costs a bit more, you can save yourself the trouble of getting one that bends on you.

A garden fork – Garden forks are commonly mistaken as rakes by a lot of people who aren't familiar with their landscaping tools. However, there is a big difference between a yard rake and a garden fork. The garden fork has the same long handle, but at the end it has short and strong prongs good for digging into the top layers of ground. This makes it great for loosening the soil.

A Japanese garden knife – A Japanese garden knife is a yard tool you should have on hand because it can serve many purposes. This tool is strong, and it is a serrated knife with a point that makes it great for digging up weeds, as well as for breaking up stubborn soil. It's depth markers also allow you to dig to the right depth. Plus, you'll likely find many of your own uses for it during your projects. It's size also makes it easy to fit in those hard to reach areas.

Cutting tools that you'll likely find useful

You'll find many things to cut around your yard, from stems and vines to stubborn roots and branches, these items may come in handy:

A pair of ratchet secateurs – Ratchet secateurs are secateurs that are strong and that have a ratchet design that makes them great for cutting thick branches and tough roots. They are especially helpful for people who don't have much hand strength because the design takes less strength to do the same cutting job as some of the other options.

A pruning saw – For those thicker branches, you're going to want a pruning saw. This is a hand-held saw that is designed for easily cutting through thicker branches that your ratchet secateurs won't fit around. You can also get a pole pruner, which goes on a long pole, so you can reach those higher branches.


Your hardware store is going to be your one-stop-shop for getting these items. Plus, you'll be able to pick up your other supplies that can include many other tools, and things like potting soil, pots, yard decorations, and even quickset concrete bags.