Maintaining Your Gutters After Repair

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If you need gutter repair, you shouldn't hesitate to get it done. Well-functioning gutters are imperative to protect the structural integrity of the house. If you see water pooling near your house's foundation or your gutters falling off the fascia, you should schedule gutter repairs. Once you have good gutters again, you should keep them well maintained to avoid the need for repair again.

Below are some actions you can take to avoid future gutter repair.

Inspect Your Gutters for Clogs

Gutters work best when they're free from clogs. Unfortunately, water streaming from your roof usually collects leaves and other debris, which collect in your gutters. The gutters can become waterlogged if they're filled with debris, which might make them become detached. Inspect all along the gutter line and downspout for signs of clogs.

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

To avoid clogs, every few months you should clean out your gutters. You can hire gutter professionals to do this job for you, which is a good idea if your house is more than one story. If you feel comfortable doing the task yourself, use a stable ladder to reach the gutters. Wear gloves to protect your hands, and simply grab the debris out of the gutters.

Install Gutter Guards

After you've performed the above task, you might be ready to invest in some gutter guards. According to Home Tips, you'll choose from three types of gutter guards — screens, solid covers, and inserts. They all have their pros and cons. However, they're all designed to keep debris out of your gutters while letting water flow through them.

Re-Hang Sagging Gutters

Contractors used to use spikes and ferrules to hang gutters, which was a stable system. However, over time they work themselves loose, which leaves gutters sagging. The gutters can eventually work themselves loose completely and fall away. Before that happens, re-hang the gutters using brackets that attach directly to the fascia.

Watch Gutter Pitch

Gutters are supposed to drain toward the downspout. If they're pitched improperly, water will collect inside. They may overflow or pull away from the fascia. Indeed, waterlogging can lead to their pitch pulling out of place. To repair this issue, you'll need to adjust their pitch. This is another good job for gutter repair specialists.

Perform Small Repairs

Gutters can develop leaks. The leaks often come from seams where gutters are joined together or with the downspout. They also occur because of holes in the gutter material. If your gutters become leaky enough, you'll need to replace them. In the meantime, you can perform small repairs by sealing the leaks with caulk.

Keep your gutters in good shape after you've had them repaired. Contact companies like Clinton Seamless Guttering to learn more.