Are You Decorating Your Master Bedroom With An Elegant Theme?

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Are you in the process of selecting furniture pieces for your master bedroom? If you have decided to establish a very elegant look in the room, have you considered shopping for antique bedroom furniture? If that idea appeals to you, keep reading for some ideas that might help you to establish a unique and beautiful room that you can be your special retreat. 

Look For Antique Bedroom Furniture - If you were a fan of the Downton Abbey series, maybe you fell in love with the incredibly beautiful furniture that was featured in every room. Even if you've never seen that show before, maybe you have always had a fascination for antique furniture. Now is the perfect time to select special antique pieces for your master bedroom. 

  • A four-poster bed with intricate carving on an arched headboard and footboard would be a great place to start your shopping.
  • Perhaps you'd rather have a sleigh-style bed that has something like a carved braid design on the headboard, the footboard, and on the sides of the bed.
  • Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find an entire set for either the four poster bed or the sleigh bed.
  • If there is not a set, look for pieces like bedside tables, high boys and a chest of drawers that will complement the bed you select.
  • Choose rich woods like cherry or mahogany to add extra elegance to your master bedroom. 

Look For Accent Antique Items - While your antique bed and the accompanying furniture will be the focal point of your bedroom, look for additional antique items that will add interest to the bedroom.

  • For instance, an antique chaise lounge made of the same wood you chose for your bedroom furniture would be perfect. 
  • If you do find an antique chaise lounge, you might want to select new upholstery for it. 
  • Consider also buying an antique dressing mirror. Choose one made of the same wood as your other furniture.
  • Besides being beautiful, your dressing mirror will have a special key that will allow you to tilt the mirror, thus being able to see yourself from head to toe.
  • Selecting an antique travel trunk for your bedroom will give you a place to store things like your extra bed linens.

As you shop for your antique bedroom furniture, also look for artwork that will add interest to your bedroom. Don't forget to check out estate sales and thrift stores for unique items. Look up an antique bedroom furniture supplier.