5 Tips For Using A Closet Organizer To Control Your Craft Room Clutter

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Is your craft room out of control? While having your own craft room is a wonderful thing, it is easy for supplies to get out of hand when you are busy planning and working on projects. Adding a closet organizer to your craft room will help you take control of the clutter and make it easy to find all the things you need without wasting precious crafting time searching for them.

(1) Go big

Choose the largest closet organizer you can fit comfortably in your craft room. If you do not have a separate closet in the room, designate one wall at the end of the room for your makeshift closet. A large closet organizer will leave you plenty of room for all those future crafting supplies you will be purchasing.

(2) Make it yours

Let your favorite color have a say in the appearance of your crafting closet space. Paint the wall behind the organizer a fun color to show off your unique personality or add stencils and fun stickers to the unit. Add colorful bins, baskets, and trays to your closet organizer to store essential items.

(3) Give your back a break

Storing heavy items near the floor or on a top shelf in a closet is never a good idea. Make sure you choose a closet organizer with solid shelves at waist level for storing heavy crafting items and supplies. This will make it easier to lift these items from the closet to your work area when needed.

(4) Take advantage of rods

Choose a closet organizer with several hanging rods. Rods are useful for organizing cuts of fabric into color families to make it easy when selecting material for a new project. Narrow rods can be useful for hanging spools of ribbon or strings of crafting beads.

(5) Keep a clear view of often-used items

Store those items you use frequently in clear bins on shelves in your closet organizer, preferably at eye level. If you prefer a more streamlined look, use solid containers, and use decorative labels to dress up your organizing space. Baskets are also a good option for storing essentials if you do not like to mess with lids and prefer easy access to your crafting essentials.

A well-organized craft room is the secret to crafting success. A closet organizer will be your best friend when it comes to getting your craft room clutter under control. You may even wonder how you ever lived without one.

To get a closet organizer or to learn more, check out local home and garden stores.