Three Things To Consider When Purchasing New Blinds

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When it comes to choosing new window blinds or shades, there are a few things to consider before you even begin to shop.

1. Privacy Levels

One of the first things to consider when looking at window coverings is how much privacy you desire. For windows that face a sidewalk or street, privacy may be your most pressing concern. This is especially true at night. In this case, look at blinds that close tightly with no view through the slats. Wooden and vinyl wide-slatted horizontal blinds are a good option if you want traditional blinds. Another option is a solid roller shade if you prefer a solid option.

If privacy is sometimes a concern but you still like to see out, consider top-down shades. These come in two styles, pleated or cellular. They can be pulled open from the top, which allows a clear view higher up but still blocks the bottom of the window.

2. Light Quality

How much light do you want in your home? For a bedroom, the answer may be very little. In this case, choose a blind or covering style that fits over the frame instead of inside it. Inside fits can allow light to leak around the edges. Roller or roman shades with light blocking fabric on one side are ideal at blocking out almost all of the light that would enter the room.

For rooms where some natural light is appreciated, such as the living room, look at options that either allow light through or open completely. Vertical and horizontal blinds are readily available options that allow you to control how much light comes in. Sheer pleated and cellular shades are also good options if you want diffused natural lights to come into your home.

3. Operation Style

Finally, consider the operation style. If you have children or pets, avoid any blinds or shades with loose cords. Instead, choose those with wands or secured chains for operating. Loose cords can pose a hazard if they get around a child or animal's neck.

There are also automatic options, which work with a push of a button. Fully motorized blinds can be operated with a remote or even a phone app, depending on your preferences and the model you select. You may even be able to put them on a timer.

Contact a window blinds and coverings dealer for more assistance when it comes to finding the perfect option for your home.