Planning A New Home? 4 Projects That Will Benefit From Natural Stone

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When you build your own home, you get to choose all the materials that go into the project. If you haven't added natural stone to your list of building materials, it's time to do that. You might not realize this, but natural stone is the perfect addition to just about any area of your home. If you're not sure where to use natural stone in your new home plans, read the list below. You'll find four projects that will be enhanced through the use of natural stone

Kitchen Counters

If you're designing a custom kitchen for your new home, and you haven't decided on the material you'll use for your counters, talk to your contractor about natural stone. There are a variety of natural stone options that can be used for countertops. Some of those options include marble, granite, and quartzite. Natural stone is resistant to stains, requires little maintenance, and is extremely durable. As an added benefit, natural stone can be mixed with other materials to create a unique kitchen design. 

Bathroom Showers

If you want your new bathroom to stand out, start with natural stone. You might not know this, but natural stone can be used throughout the bathroom, including the shower. Using natural stone in your shower lends a natural appeal to the entire area. Best of all, natural stone is waterproof, which means you won't need to worry about water damage. If you want to include a zero-clearance shower, natural stone creates a seamless transition from the shower to the floor because natural stone works well on both walls and floors. 

Backyard Patios

If you've decided to add a patio to your backyard landscaping, consider using natural stone. Many people choose concrete or brick pavers for their backyard patios, but those materials aren't necessarily the best options. Natural stone provides benefits that you can't get from concrete or brick pavers. Natural stone is weather-resistant, which means it won't suffer damage when exposed to rain, snow, or ice. Natural stone is also strong and durable, which means it will hold up under the pressure of your outdoor activities. 

Pool Surrounds

If you're going to include a swimming pool in your backyard, you'll need to choose the right decking material. Pool surrounds can be completed using a variety of materials, but it's important that the material you choose is water-resistant and slip-resistant. That's where natural stone comes into the picture. Natural stone provides a slip-resistant surface that won't suffer damage when exposed to water. Not only that, but natural stone doesn't require any lengthy maintenance, which means your pool surround will look beautiful year after year.