Need New Rain Gutters? Know Your Options

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Has the time come to replace the rain gutters on your home? If so, you'll need to pick what kind of material you want to use to get the job done. Here is what you need to know about your options for rain gutters. 

Vinyl Gutters 

Vinyl gutters are the type that you'll typically find at your local home improvement store for a DIY installation. They come in short runs of the material that are put up on your home in sections. The short runs make them easy to manage when installing on your home since the gutters need to be installed at an incline so that the water flows toward the downspout. 

While vinyl gutters are lightweight and easy to work with, they do have their issues. Vinyl gutters are more likely to become damaged over the years due to water expanding inside them. The sectional gutters can also have seams where debris gets stuck, causing debris to not flow to the downspout. 

Aluminum Gutters

If you want something a bit stronger than vinyl, you can go with aluminum gutters. Having the material made out of metal is going to help it last longer since the metal can withstand expansion and not crack in colder weather. The aluminum is going to be coated with a protective layer that will help prevent them from rusting due to exposure to the weather, but it can rust over time and need to be replaced. 

Copper Gutters

Copper is a material that is going to have a very premium look to it, and it comes at a higher price tag. People often pick copper gutters when they want their home to have a look of elegance, which can be lacking with vinyl or aluminum gutters. Copper is also an environmentally friendly material, which is easy to recycle in the future when the gutters eventually need to be replaced. 

Seamless Gutters

You also have the option to install seamless gutters on your home. These are made with a metal material, such as aluminum, steel, or copper, and require a professional to install for you. That's because seamless gutters are made on-site to the exact dimensions of your home's roof, with a continuous run of gutter material that stretches from end to end of your roof. It eliminates the seams in the gutter material and will have fewer issues with the gutters sagging.

If it's time for new gutters, contact local rain gutter installation services to learn more.