Conquering Clutter: Home Improvement Store Finds That Will Bring Order To Your Home

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Do you often find yourself wasting time searching the entire house looking for items you need but have misplaced? A disorganized home is a time waster, but it is also unsightly and may lead to stress and anxiety for some people. Getting your home organized is not difficult when you visit your local home improvement store to pick up a few key items for organizing your home.

Bins and baskets 

With a stash of bins and baskets in multiple sizes on hand, you can quickly bring any room to order by using a simple sorting method. Baskets are an attractive way to hide small items that make a room look cluttered. They are great for storing kitchen essentials, such as dish cloths and towels and small kitchen tools and gadgets.

See-through bins are great for bringing order to a craft room or kid's playroom and are an attractive way to keep craft supplies, art supplies, blocks, or puzzle pieces organized. Small bins or canisters are good for storing kitchen staples, such as pasta, rice, and dried beans, and can double as decorative items when stored on an open kitchen shelf.

Tiered shelves

Tiered shelves are the perfect organizing solution for those who have limited floor or countertop space. A two or three-tiered shelf placed inside an entryway door makes it easy to keep shoes and boots organized and within easy reach. Small, tiered shelves make it easy to keep kitchen spices from getting out of control and make it easy to keep bathroom toiletries from taking over the bathroom vanity top.

Wheeled carts

Wheeled carts are available in small or large sizes to accommodate storage needs in any room. In fact, there is really no room a wheeled cart cannot be useful in, and they come in so many fun colors that you are sure to find one to match any decorating theme or style. You can also use them to add a pop of color to break up boredom in a room.

For a living room or family room, a wheeled cart can hold magazines, TV remotes, video game essentials, and board games. In the bathroom, it can hold bath essentials and for the home office, a wheeled cart makes it easy to keep books and files organized next to your desk.

A trip to the home improvement store is the first step to an organized home. Having the right items on hand will make the task fast and easy. You can use the same organizing tools in any room and getting the whole family involved is a great summer project to keep the kids busy while they are out of school.