The Benefits Of Vertical Cable Railing

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Decks and porches provide comfort and visual appeal to a home. The choice of materials used for these projects can improve or diminish the value of the addition. Homeowners have many options available, and all have benefits. The decision to use a steel and aluminum system offers the most benefits for most homeowners.

Safe Material Choice

Safety considerations are a priority for all homeowners. A study of porches, decks, and exterior stairs showed that approximately 30,000 – 40,000 people visited emergency rooms each year for injuries related to falls from these structures. Adding vertical cable railing could prevent many of these types of incidents.

Metal cable railing reduces fall risks by offering a sturdy deck barrier and a stable stair handrail. The non-splintering materials also reduce the risk of minor injuries that often occur with wood rails.

Increased Design Appeal

Metal finishes look modern and fresh while also having a timeless appeal. The systems have adequate spacing for safety, but their streamlined designs do not obstruct light or views. The variety of textures and colors makes it easy to create a custom look that accentuates the style of the home.

Decks and porches can add a lot of value and desirability to homes. Using attractive materials that add curb appeal, like good quality vertical railing, can make a house stand out and gain attention from potential buyers. Those who plan to remain in their home for life will appreciate having a railing system they will not need to replace.

Reduced Maintenance Effort

Consumers who select good materials will have a finished product that does not need stain, sealer, or paint every year, unlike wood. The material is also not vulnerable to termite damage, dry rot, or warping in wet conditions. A quick inspection to ensure the connections remain tight and secure is the only regular maintenance the system needs. 

Fast Installation Effort

Installation of vertical cable railing is much faster than wood rails. The items arrive perfectly sized for the deck. Once installed, the deck is immediately usable. There is no need to wait for paint or stain to dry. Homeowners can hire a contractor to install the system or buy an inexpensive vertical railing tool kit and assemble it for themselves.

Metal cable railings last decades, have low overall costs, and require minimal maintenance. Investing in these materials can help homeowners to have the stylish design they want without sacrificing safety. Many variations exist in shape, size, and color for the perfect look for any home.

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